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"67-292 Goodale Ave. Waialua, HI. 96791"

Serving North Shore Oahu Hawaii

Open daily!

from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m.


Our beach cruisers are perfect for cruising through the North Shore and all of our beaches! Wide handlebars and large bouncy tires make it comfortable and easy to ride. Our goal is to make your bike ride convenient and the highlight of your trip!


$35/ 24 hours
$25/ 4 hours
  • 4 hoursrental: $25.00
  • 24hr rental: $35.00

To Go

Beaches & Snorkeling

  • Sharks Cove
  • Waimea bay
  • Banzai
  • Sunset

Nature Spots

  • Wahiawa botanical garden
  • Dole plantation
  • Waimea falls
  • Lai'e Falls

* Be sure to check out the Waialua sunflower fields (seasonal)
* For more information or places to go contact us!

Top 10
Safety Tips

Wear a helmet
every time you ride?

Even if you are riding on a bike path, or just a short distance, make sure you put on your helmet before you go, just to be on the safe side.

Obey traffic laws.

Your bike is a vehicle, and just like a car you have to stop at stop signs, and red traffic lights.

Always ride with the flow of traffic.

Even if you are riding a short distance, it's never safe to ride against traffic. It also unlawful to ride facing traffic in Hawaii, as it is in all 50 states.

Stop at the end of driveways.

Many crashes between bike and car, happens when riders don't stop at the end of the driveways to look for oncoming cars. Always look left and right before entering or crossing a road.

Be predictable.

Don't do anything that will surprise drivers, such as swerving in and out of parked cars or traffic.

Look behind you, and make sure it's clear to make turns and before moving into roadways.

Let motorist know what your moves are by using proper hand signals.

Be visable.

Wear light colored clothing.

Don't use headphones when riding.

You need to be able to hear traffic around you. Save it for your stops.

Don't ride to close to parked cars.

A driver may suddenly open a car door in your path.

Make sure your bike is the right size.

A bike that is too big, is more dangerous than one that is too small.

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Pivotto's Rentals
67-292 Goodale Ave.
Waialua, HI. 96791

We are located in the Waialua Shopping Center, close to the Sugar Mill. Come on down and cruise the North Shore of O'ahu.
Pivotto's Rentals welcomes you to enjoy yourself and explore a coastline with several miles of beautiful shores and breathe-taking views that will be remembered when heading back home again. We open at 9 AM every single day, just waiting on you, because we know the fun starts here.